Kasuria Group

Kasuria Group is a software engineering and digital marketing team based in San Francisco. We work with technology startups to help them achieve their product and revenue goals, and have a track record of delivering results for a wide range of clients.

In startup world, while product and distribution are equally important, these components of the business rarely interface well with each other. The technical team wants one thing - the marketing team wants another. The problem is that in order to get results, both sides of the business must closely work together to quickly get results.

For example, the process of A/B testing requires rapid-fire UI upgrades that are driven by deliberate hypotheses from the marketing team. If these teams can’t see things in the same way, the process will be drastically slowed down.

Our team offers the expertise and agility to deliver results in software, marketing, analytics and growth.

We are firm believers that the combination of entrepreneurship, technology, and vision can make the world a better place. We prefer to work with mission driven companies that focus both on profit and purpose driven goals.

Who We Are

Jeff PawlaK

Jeff is a strategic growth and traction expert. Previously managing the subscription revenue department at GrubMarket in San Francisco, he focuses on developing fundamental and holistic systems for driving revenue.

His skill-set includes digital marketing, business development, analytics, and more. His growth philosophy is inspired by conscious capitalism, measuring success through both financial and social benefit metrics.

Ethan Durham

Using his expertise as a full-stack software engineer, Ethan helps companies expand their product and service offerings, venture into new markets, and manifest their imagination into reality. Ethan builds web and mobile apps primarily using Angular 2 as his front-end framework of choice and MongoDB, Node.js, and Express as the back-end architecture.

On the distribution and traction side, Ethan is a certified Google AdWords Partner who led the Product and Market development team at Magic, where he increased retention by 14% and the new user base by 8.5% over four months. Ethan touts a technical SEO expertise and web development presence that's second-to-none.

Prior to moving out to San Francisco and working at Magic, Ethan graduated from Penn State University in May of 2014 with the highest distinction, receiving a Bachelor's of Science in Finance. He began his career working as an Advisory Consultant at Deloitte in Washington, D.C., focusing on IT and Financial Risk, where he served a multitude of clients in the financial services industry.