Kasuria Group

Kasuria Group is a software engineering and digital marketing team based in San Francisco. We work with technology startups to help them achieve their product and revenue goals, and have a track record of delivering results for a wide range of clients.

In startup world, while product and distribution are equally important, these components of the business rarely interface well with each other. The technical team wants one thing - the marketing team wants another. The problem is that in order to get results, both sides of the business must closely work together to quickly get results.

For example, the process of A/B testing requires rapid-fire UI upgrades that are driven by deliberate hypotheses from the marketing team. If these teams can’t see things in the same way, the process will be drastically slowed down.

Our team offers the expertise and agility to deliver results in software, marketing, analytics and growth.

We are firm believers that the combination of entrepreneurship, technology, and vision can make the world a better place. We prefer to work with mission driven companies that focus both on profit and purpose driven goals.

Who We Are

Jeff PawlaK

Jeff Pawlak is a growth marketer and co-founder of Kasuria Group, a marketing and software engineering consultancy for startups. He also recently co-founded Aqueduct, a startup using machine learning to help water utilities identify, repair, and prevent pipeline leaks. Outside of his entrepreneurial ventures, Jeff is collaborating with several sustainability-driven nonprofits.

Before launching Kasuria Group in 2016, Jeff ran the subscription revenue department at GrubMarket, a YC food delivery startup in San Francisco. He also founded Israel Framed, an eCommerce site for Israeli art. Previously, he was a financial analyst at DLT Solutions and M&T Bank. Jeff received a degree in finance at the University of Maryland and completed a course in Digital Marketing at General Assembly. 

Jeff’s skill-set primarily focuses around growth strategy and customer acquisition, including an analytical, data driven approach to marketing and sales. He has experience working with many Bay Area startups, including a number of SaaS and FinTech companies. On a practical level, he helps startups grow, scale, and monetize, and designs holistic strategies for repeatable growth. He also authors research-driven technology white papers created to help persuade and convert decision makers. 

Jeff is passionate about Latin America, is intensely studying Spanish, and recently returned from a six week journey in Colombia. Jeff is an avid follower of Ken Wilber, Carl Jung, and Buckminster Fuller, and strives to help create a world that works for 100% of humanity. 

Ethan Durham

Ethan Durham is a software developer, UX/UI designer, and Co-Founder of Kasuria Group. Using both his technical and artistic expertise, Ethan helps peak performance startups and companies manifest their visions into reality.

As Co-Founder and VP of Software Development at Kasuria Group, Ethan has designed and built software, currently being used by over 75,000 individuals, for companies in industries ranging from FinTech and eCommerce to Customer Support and Architecture.

In addition to Kasuria Group, Ethan co-founded Aqueduct, where he is developing and training machine learning algorithms to help water utilities identify, repair, and prevent pipeline leaks.

Prior to starting Kasuria Group with Jeff, Ethan worked at Magic, a YC startup, focusing on Product Development and User Experience. Ethan graduated from Penn State University in May of 2014 with the highest distinction, receiving a Bachelor's of Science in Finance. He began his career working as a Consultant at Deloitte in Washington, D.C., focusing on IT and Financial Risk, where he served a multitude of clients in the financial services industry.