Market Strategy and Validation

Launching a new venture is a daunting task.

There are a wide variety of variables to consider - product development, brand, customer acquisition strategy, and far more. There are known unknowns - and unknown unknowns which create an element of mystery (and excitement).

It’s impossible to completely de-risk an early stage startup opportunity, but there is also zero reason to launch in the dark.

The fact is, with an intensive research process and execution of rapid experiments to validate your minimum viable product, you can quickly get feedback from the market and collect data that will be valuable down the line. 

Kasuria Group offers a fast and disciplined market validation program for early ventures.

Regardless of whether your product or service has shipped in final form, our program includes development of a proxy site that allows for lead capture and assessment of demand.

We have worked with B2B and B2C, eCommerce, SaaS, P2P exchange platforms, FinTech and more.

Our program is designed to approximate (but not guarantee) critical metrics, including price point, cost per click, conversion rate, cost per acquisition, qualitative demographic factors, and far more.

The Validation Program includes the following steps:

  1. Development of a digital presence including website, landing pages and social channels
  2. Deep research on target market to fully understand buyer persona and buying decision.
  3. Design and execute paid ads strategy to directly reach desired target market and acquire relevant users.
  4. Iterative A/B testing to focus on improving critical metrics.
  5. Final report and recommendations for the "Road Ahead."