Custom Software Development

Being a company that sets the standard can be likened to navigating through uncharted territories: there is no map. 

At Kasuria Group, we help you define the map by transforming your innovative product visions into reality.

From the conceptual ideas and initial designs to the finished and final version, we build the proprietary software and custom solutions that make your business indefensible. 

A Taste of Our Portfolio


Support Genie

Support Genie is the premium omni-channel customer support solution for IoT devices. 

Featuring instant live-chat, video streaming, easy-to-use mobile apps, and a chatbot utilizing deep learning, Support Genie is designed to help customer service teams resolve complex problems while automating the simple ones.



Ulyngo is a white-label marketplace for universities that enables students to buy and sell, goods and services in a a safe and simple environment.

By simplifying and unifying the e-commerce side of student life, the Ulyngo marketplace increases student engagement while ensuring a safer and more secure campus for partnering universities.



Epione is a wireless, wearable heating pad designed to eliminate back aches and pains through a smarter application of heat.

With app-based temperature control and a rechargeable battery, Epione's wireless and hands-free functionality allows you to take your pain management with you wherever you go.